Ambulo 2400 (ABPM)
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The Ambulo 2400 Ambulatory Blood monitoring (ABPM) system offers state-of-art innovation, Accuracy and reliability in a sleek and easy to use package. It is lightweight, comfortable, and does not interfere with daily activities. The 24 hour blood pressure measurements provide you with a full picture of each patient’s blood pressure over the circadian cycle. Built in actigraphy track active leave during the study period and supports the automatic determination of awake/asleep cycles.

Benefits of ABPM vs Traditional Methods
  Home Blood Pressure Clinic blood Pressure Ambulo 2400 ABPM
Assessing white coat hypertension Limited                 No Yes
Determining true or mean BP Yes No Yes
Identifying circadian or diurnal rhythm No No Yes
Identifying nocturnal patters No No Yes
Evaluating the extent of the morning surge Limited   No Yes
Blood pressure variability Limited   No Yes
Evaluating of response to antihypertensive treatments Yes Limited   Yes
Determining time dependent administration effects of treatments Yes No Yes
Correlation of activily  level with BP profile No No Yes
Accuracy of patient recorded date Limited   No Yes
Ambulo 2400 (ABPM)