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dr s ramasamy
Our business operations are led by Dr. S. Ramasamy, Prior to starting Clinical division of Vaso-Meditech Pvt Ltd., he has with him experience of working with Vasomedical Inc in USA in research and development of EECP therapy.

Email Id:
Mobile No: +91-9962268281

National And International Awards:

  • BEST BUSINESS ENTERPRENEUR AWARD-2008-09 awarded by The Bharath Social and Cultural Academy on 27th September 2009 in Chennai.
  • Received award for Contribution to "Indian Health Industry in World Clinical Congress" on Preventive & Geriatric Cardiology 2009 from Delhi Finance Minister Dr.A.K.Walia.
  • Conducted More than 150 Guest Lectures about Enhanced External Counter Pulsation in various venues across India, Bangladesh, Maldives, Kuwait and Indonesia.
    Dr.S.Ramasamy EECP Expert and Consultant (First from Right) along with other Cardiologist with Honourable President of India Shri Pranab Mukherjee

Professional Profile:

Professional Profile

  • Completed MBBS in Davangere JJMMC in 1992-1997.
  • Worked as  Non-Invasive cardiology research resident : Porchester University NY and Stony Brook NY in affiliation with Vasomedical Inc.(1998-2002)
  • Completed Postgraduate Program in Cardiology (John Hopkins University-USA) Certificate no:HM/01/01/1212
  • Completed Fellowship in Clinical Cardiology certificate no:FCC/1718/0120201021
  • Currently pursuing PhD in Cardiology(Heart Failure) in Chettinadu University
  • Awarded as FCCP ( 2018 )
  • Awarded as FACC ( 2018) Id 804165
  • Director and CEO of Vaso-Meditech Pvt Ltd
  • International Medical Director for International EECP therapist Organization.
  • USA certified physician to train and certify Therapist for India.
  • EECP in Charge & Vaso Meditech Project Director in TamilNadu Government Teaching medical college Hospitals (EECP- Public Private Partnership).
  • EECP consultant in Frontier Lifeline Dr.K.M.Cherian Heart Foundation. Refractory Angina and Heart failure clinic.
  • EECP consultant in Chettinad Health city and University.
  • EECP consultant and Medical Director of Heal Your Heart centers. Currently there are 30 Heal your Heart centers in India
  • Data Quality controller for Cambridge University Research in India for normal reference Value of Arterial stiffness for Indian population.
  •  Research paper and Chapters in Cardiac Textbook published in India and abroad.
  •  Worked and Published Research in the field of Refractory angina and Heart failure for the past 18 yrs