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Enhanced External Counterpulsation, EECP, is offered exclusively by Vasomedical, the pioneer and world leader in the design and development of external counterpulsation systems. EECP is the ONLY external counterpulsation system that has been tested in clinical trials and published in leading cardiovascular peer-reviewed journals demonstrating the benefits provided to patients suffering from angina and heart failure. With over 700 EECP treatment centers around the world, the therapy has been clinically tested and used in many of the world’s leading heart institutions.

EECP therapy by Vasomedical is supported by extensive research*

  • More than 100 papers, abstracts and presentations published featuring the benefits of EECP
  • MUST-EECP: The Multicenter Study of Enhanced External Counterpulsation
  • International EECP Patient Registry (IEPR), University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health
  • - IEPR I – Over 5,000 patients across 92 centers treated using only Vasomedical EECP systems
  • - IEPR II – Initiated in 2002 with a target of collecting clinical outcome data based upon an additional 2,500 patients receiving treatment with Vasomedical’s EECP systems
  • Congestive heart failure feasibility study demonstrating patient safety and six month improvements in oxygen consumption at peak exercise, exercise duration and quality of life
  • PEECH™ (Prospective Evaluation of EECP in Congestive Heart Failure) multicenter trial with a target of 180 patients across 30 centers Current reimbursement policy developed by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is based upon clinical efficacy data from EECP system studies

Each EECP system comes with all the necessary tools to implement a successful program

  • Onsite technical training program available for qualified personnel performed by Registered Nurses specializing in cardiology
  • Training certification upon program completion which includes a one-year paid membership to the International EECP Therapists Association (IETA)
  • Physician Starter Kit which includes a six-month supply of electrodes, system recording paper and treatment pants
  • Reimbursement Handbook describing the guidelines for effective billing to obtain EECP therapy reimbursement
  • Clinical and reimbursement telephone support
  • Knowledgeable and sophisticated sales force and clinical specialists recognized for clinical expertise and customer service

EECP is a successful, non-invasive therapy that improves the quality of life for patients diagnosed with angina and heart failure. Including this therapy in patient treatment assists in reducing pain, easing discomfort and promoting a return to normal activities. The vast majority of external counterpulsation providers are physicians who recognize the benefits of EECP therapy as an additional cardiovascular disease management tool. Vasomedical's leadership in cardiovascular research, and its thorough training and support programs, have earned the Company a solid reputation in the medical community. Your patients are relying on you to make the best clinical decisions and you owe it to them—and to your practice—to consider the industry's foremost pioneer in EECP—Vasomedical.

TS3 System Features

The TS3 System is the foremost external counterpulsation system on the market. Its design includes a smaller footprint, which enables greater flexibility in the treatment environment and easy transport. The console’s intuitive LCD touch screen with an active matrix color display, provides easy start up and timing adjustments, and allows the therapist to monitor the patient from anywhere in the treatment area. The system’s electronic height-adjustable treatment table is engineered to minimize operator fatigue.

Patient Safety, Protection and Comfort

  • Patient-activated emergency stop button
  • Operator-activated emergency stop button
  • Alarm with auditory signal
  • Automatic pressure release and system stop
  • - Power outage
  • - High pressure limit
  • - Heart rate out of range (35 -125 bpm)
  • - Arrhythmias

The TS3 System Includes

  • Treatment table with a safe working load of 400 lbs (180 kgs)
  • Compressor and control unit
  • Cuff systems in five sizes for maximum patient comfort (XS, S, M, L, XL).
  • - Set includes calf, lower thigh and upper thigh/buttocks
  • Interconnecting cables and hoses
  • Two of each: patient ECG cables, patient plethysmography cables
  • Operation and training manuals

TS3 System Technical Specifications

ECG amplifier
  • Input impedance: >2 MΩ
  • Common mode rejection ratio: ≥90 dB
  • Bandwidth: 1-20 Hz
  • Triggering method
  • External trigger: R-wave of patient ECG
  • External trigger ratio: 1:1 or 1:2
  • ECG trigger range: 35-125 ±1 bpm
  • Filter technique
  • Low-pass digital filter eliminates 50/60 Hz and high-frequency interference
  • Cuff pressure range
  • Adjustable from 80-300 mmHg
  • Table safe working load: 400 lbs (180 kgs)
  • Treatment timer
  • Treatment time (system stop) setting for 1 hour (60 minutes) maximum

Technical Specifications, Continued

  • System protection: main and compressor circuit breakers
  • System dimensions and weight

Control Console

Length Width Height Weight
44" 25" 25" 500 lbs
107 cm 64 cm 145 cm 227 kgs

Treatment Table

Length Width Height Weight
76" detachable headrest adds 10" 30.5" 25-35" 270 lbs
193 cm 78 cm 64-89 cm 123 kgs

TS3 System Operating, Application and Environmental Specifications

    Operating voltage requirements
  • 110VAC, 50/60 Hz, 20A (with 110V power cord)
  • 230VAC, 50/60 Hz, l5A (with 230V power cord)
  • Operating environment
  • Temperature 50-104° F (10 to 40° C)
  • Relative humidity 30- 75% (no condensation)
  • Atmospheric pressure 700-1060 hPa
  • Atmospheric Free of corrosive gas
  • Transport and storage environment
  • Temperature 14-140° F (-10 -60° C)
  • Relative humidity 30- 85% (no condensation
  • Atmospheric pressure 500-1060 hPa
  • Atmosphere Free of corrosive gas