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Vaso-Meditech Pvt Ltd is established in the year 2000, we are suppliers and distributors of EECP therapy, EECP treatment system (Enhanced external counter pulsation system) in INDIA, that find application in the treatment of diseases related to cardiovascular system. Our consistent efforts in this field have helped us in our emergence as leaders in providing clinical, technical and service support for EECP in India. With more than 70 EECP installations in India, we are presently providing active support to EECP centers for developing clinical programs based on EECP therapy for Refractory angina and heart failure. Further the competitive prices of the therapy systems offered and their precision functioning also make them one of the most demanded in the Indian markets.

A Private Limited Firm, our business operations are led by Dr. S. Ramasamy. His extensive experience in this field, tie-ups with leading global manufacturers and service support of experienced team has helped us in successfully meeting the emerging Enhanced external Counter pulsation systems demands in India. Our dedicated approach in this field has also helped in introducing new non-invasive, atraumatic treatment for coronary artery disease, offering new hope to patients who are poor candidates for undergoing other costly invasive measures.

Today, we have emerged as a leading medical equipment company in India. Striving to bring latest technology available globally in medical field to India, we have also launched another unique medical systems sphygmoCor system (diagnostic system detecting arterial stiffness), sphygmoCor Vx, pulse wave velocity system for the first time in India. SphygmoCor is the only clinically validated equipment in the world which shows us central aortic pressures. It also shows us arterial stiffness index, which is an indicator of arterial aging. Further, our activities also include closely working with university in USA and UK in clinical research to bring out valid research paper of international standard in well reputed clinical journals.


  • EECP is the ONLY External Counterpulsation treatment to have undergone clinical validation in a multi-center.
  • EECP is the ONLY External Counter pulsation treatment which has Indian EECP patient registry.
  • EECP is the ONLY External Counter pulsation treatment which has online technical support and clinical support.
  • EECP is the ONLY External Counter pulsation treatment which has International certification program.
  • EECP is the ONLY External Counterpulsation treatment whose outcomes are continuously monitored