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We Vaso Meditech Pvt Ltd is doing National non-surgical cardiac treatment through our patented approved Vaso-Meditech Enhanced External Counterpulsation (VMPL-EECP) treatment. We are a pioneer and market leader globally in EECP equipment supply and treatments programs in Asia, SE Asia, the Middle East, and some European countries.

VMPL-EECP is the best and clinically proven technology as an alternative for heart patients, and this treatment has been approved by all the leading developed countries like the USA, UK, Europe, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc., for the past 10 years. We have vast knowledge and experience in this EECP treatment which is originally the best alternative solution for heart patients who are really not required for an Angioplasty or Bypass surgery. This is one of the revolutionary inventions in medical science for the good of human beings. EECP was invented in 1998 in the USA, and later stage they manufactured with a lot of advancement as per the current clinical requirement in USA. Dr. S. Ramasamy is part of the R&D of the later-stage EECP equipment. In fact, Dr.S.Ramasamy is the only qualified cardiologist from India and certified Doctor for EECP treatment from the USA. Our company is the only authorized to supply the EECP Equipment and provide the treatment to various hospitals and Government bodies as per our official legal registered agreement with the original manufacturer in the USA, especially for Asia, SE Asia, Middle East. To be more precise, Dr.S. Ramasamy is one of the leading Doctors in the World, giving treatment to various high-level personalities in different sectors and countries. His Textbook on EECP serves as a guide for EECP treatment across the Globe.

Being an Indian with a service motto, Dr. Ramasamy started the treatment centers in Tamilnadu in early 2010. By realising the real benefits based on practical experience and due diligence, our company got approval from the Govt of Tamilnadu. On this merit, the state Govt installed our EECP Equipment in various Govt Medical Colleges and Hospitals to benefit the common people and functioning from 2014 onwards. Please note that we are the only EECP company approved by Central Govt, different State Governments, Public sector companies, Nationalized Banks, etc, after extensive due diligence by them.

Presently we are operating in 3 states, including 12 Tamilnadu Government medical colleges, and expanding our wings across Tamilnadu for further Govt Hospitals and private centers. In addition, we are in the final phase of setting up Daycare cardiac treatment clinics attached to universities, hospitals, and stand-alone centers Nationwide and initially with Six States under our Brand Heal your Heart Treatment centers. Our service motto is "Cardiac Health Care For All. " to the benefit of every common Indian across the country.


  • EECP is the ONLY External Counterpulsation treatment to have undergone clinical validation in a multi-center.
  • EECP is the ONLY External Counter pulsation treatment which has Indian EECP patient registry.
  • EECP is the ONLY External Counter pulsation treatment which has online technical support and clinical support.
  • EECP is the ONLY External Counter pulsation treatment which has International certification program.
  • EECP is the ONLY External Counterpulsation treatment whose outcomes are continuously monitored