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What is EECP Treatment?

EECP, an acronym for Enhanced External Counterpulsation, is an entirely safe, non-pharmaceutical, non-invasive outpatient treatment for relieving and eliminating chest pain or shortness of breath. EECP Treatment /EECP Therapy is painless, carries no risk, and has no major adverse side effects. Treatment is FDA approved. It is recommended in the guideline of American and European cardiology

  • E - "Enhanced" stands for the treatment advanced through clinical and technical advancement.
  • E - "External" stands for the treatment is entirely external and doesn't need any invasive procedures.
  • C - " Counter" stands for the primary treatment principle is to counter the natural heart pumping function. When the heart contracts, the cuffs placed in your leg relax. The heart relaxes the cuffs contracts.
  • P - " Pulsation" stands for the rhymic blood flow in the arteries during the treatment.
  • EECP History in India

    EECP treatment The initial

    • 1961- First Bypass Surgery.
    • 1977- Fist Balloon Angioplasty.
    • 1997- Fist EECP treatment Center.
    • 2001- First EECP center in India,Introduced in Bhopal.(Dr.S.Ramasamy)
    • 2010- First Review article on EECP in Indian Heart Journal.(Dr.S.Ramasamy)
    • 2015- Insurance coverage and TN Gov started EECP treatment Program(EECP program for government created by Dr.S.Ramasamy)
    • 2018- First Cardiology textbook Chapter on EECP. ( Dr.S.Ramasamy )
    • 2020- First Textbook on EECP published (Dr.S.Ramasamy)
    • Who can benefit from EECP?

      Patients with blockages in the artery carrying blood to the heart muscle, Patients who had a Heart attack, and patients who want alternative treatment to Bypass Surgery and Angioplasty can benefit from the treatment. For patients whom Bypass surgery and Angioplasty has failed, Poor pumping Function or Poor health, EECP is the only treatment option to restore their health.

      • Reduction or complete elimination of cardiac symptom’s like shortness of breath, fatigue, difficulty in climbing steps and loss of appetite.
      • Reduced dependency on medication.
      • Overall improvement in exercise capabilities and walking distance.
      • Absence of chest pain or chest pain that is less frequent and less painful.

      You Maybe a Candidate if

    • 1.You have chest pain/shortness of breath.
    • 2.Your medical treatments are not able to relieve your cardiac symptoms.
    • 3.You have already had a cardiac surgery/Angioplasty and symptoms have returned.
    • 4.Your physician has informed you that you can’t undergo Bypass Surgery/Angioplasty.
    • 5.You are not willing to undergo invasive Bypass surgery/Angioplasty.
    • 6.You have poor heart pumping function.
    • Patients as young as 20 and as old as 95 have successfully completed EECP without any complications. Many of our EECP Patients, in spite of their advanced age have shown excellent results.

      Limitation of other Treatment(Medication, Angioplasty, Stent and Bypass Surgery)

    • 1.Drugs do not always relieve your symptoms.
    • 2.Invasive surgeries are not risk-free.
    • 3.Hospitalization is mandatory.
    • 4.Post-surgery recovery is long and painful.
    • More Information on EECP

      Clinical Trials

      Vaso-Meditech EECP treatment has been subjected to extensive clinical study with more than 250 papers published internationally and in India. These papers clearly show EECP treatment can increase the blood flow to the heart and reduce or eliminate the cardiac symptoms without surgery or Angioplasty.

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